The key points of the Zappi:

  • Great charge point if you have home generation.

  • Available in Tethered and Untethered.

  • 2 Colour options, Black and White.

  • Inbuilt charge scheduling.

  • Available in both single phase and 3 phase.

  • No earth rod required.

The Zappi is one of the most popular charge points on the market today, the reason being is it's ability to divert excess energy from your home generation (whether that is Solar, Wind, Hydro etc). It does this by using a CT clamp around your homes meter tails, this CT clamp continuously monitors the incoming and outgoing power. When there is surplus power being exported to the grid, the Zappi will automatically divert this power to your car.

Don't have home generation yet? The Zappi is still great, it's a very flexible unit which means if you come to add generation at a later date the software is already there for you to use.

The Zappi can be controlled via the myenergi App if its paired with a Hub (which is required for OLEV) The app allows you to monitor and control your Zappi, as well as add charge timers which means you can automatically charge your car during cheap electricity tariffs.

The Zappi also has inbuilt PEN protection which means that an earth rod isn't required which makes the installation, quicker, cheaper and more visually appealing.

The Zappi comes in black and white, and tethered and untethered (Read our FAQ to learn the difference)

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Zappi Untethered Black