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Vertical Access Ltd

Vertical Access Ltd contacted us as they had already one EV Charge Point and wanted to add 4 more.

The original charge point they had was basic and offered no monitoring functionality so they wanted to upgrade that one too.

We helped them choose the best option for their needs which happened to be the EO Genius paired with an EO Hub providing cloud based monitoring.

The original charge point was originally wall mounted however the customer wanted the all 5 of the new EO Geniuses to be floor mounted, so we mounted the charge points on a stainless steel post.

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Excellent service for the installation of EV charge point and other electrical works undertaken by Novacharge.  From the initial site visit to offering a wide range of EV options and the highly competent installations the team gave us the service we required at a competitive cost. 

Paul Bingham, Managing Director, Vertical Access Ltd

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