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How far can electric cars go?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

The terror of running out of electricity is one of the main feelings associated with purchasing an electric vehicle. After all, emptying your battery is not the same as running out of fuel, once your electric reserve is drained, it means recovery to your nearest supply – Not quite as simple as topping up with a jerrycan of fuel to top you up and help you out!

With that in mind, just exactly how far can electric cars go in between charges?

This is also known as the electric car’s range and this distance varies depending on the vehicle, how the vehicle is driven, and the conditions in which you drive it in – Just like a petrol or diesel car!

As battery technology is improving, the range of electric cars in generally increasing. When the first main stream cars started going on sale a few years ago, such as the Renault Zoe, they had a range of around 100 miles.

However, today’s updated models have nearly double that range in their batteries and the majority of electric cars on sale now, have ranges of over 200 miles. For example, take the Audi e-tron SUV which has a range of 240 miles and the much talked about Tesla, these can go over 300 miles between charges.

What can effect an electric cars range?

Reducing your speed can reduce energy consumption, in fact, dropping your speed by 10mph uses 14% less energy, giving you more range from one charge.

Cutting down on using things like your heating and air con will help your electric car go further too.

Trying to look further ahead to reduce stopping abruptly, slowing down rather than stopping can put less strain on the battery, as well as stopping and starting and breaking hardly.

Extreme weather conditions can also effect your electric car’s range as really hot and cold temperatures reduce the batteries efficiency.

What cars have the longest range?

According to the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) the cars with the longest ranges are:

Tesla Model S – 375 miles

Tesla Model 3 – 348 miles

Tesla Model X – 315 miles

Jaguar I-Pace – 292 miles

Kia e-Niro – 282 miles

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