EO Mini Pro

The key points of the EO Mini Pro:

  • Small and compact.

  • Available in Untethered and Tethered Type 1 and Type 2.

  • 4 Colour options, Black, Silver, White and Blue.

  • Smartphone controlled.

  • Voice control with Alexa.

The EO Mini Pro is often bought by customers who want a discreet charge point installation, it's one of the world smallest charge points!

The EO has WiFi inbuilt which allows you to use the JuiceNet app which allows you to have more insight and control when plugging your car in. 

On the app you can control when the charge point is active, for example if you want to take advantage of cheap energy tariffs you can set timers.

You can also get set up to 10 notifications on the app, such as charging complete.

You're also able to integrate the EO Mini with your smart home by linking it with Alexa.

The EO Mini Pro comes in 4 colours and Tethered and Untethered (Read our FAQ to learn the difference)

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