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At novacharge, we take pride in being able to provide the best quality charge points to meet our customer's needs.

We understand it can be a challenging process in undertaking a charge point installation at your commercial premises, however, novacharge are here to make the process simple for you and your company.

Take a look at a few of our recommended charge points below - completely lost? 
Don't worry! Our team of friendly EV Enthusiasts is here to help and we will guide you through every step!

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Webasto Live

The Webasto Live is one of the most advanced charge points on the market!

Designed and assembled in Germany the Webasto Live is built to last.

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Project EV

The Project EV's range of charge points are not only jam packed with features they come at a very affordable price point. 

They have a range of both floor mounted and wall mounted units which gives you added versatility on where you would like the charge points located.

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Wallbox charge points are designed to look good, and perform good! they are primarily wall mounted but with options to floor mount them on stands if that's what you require in your installation. 

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EO Genius

The EO Genius is a rugged hard wearing charge point but also very smart, cloud connected allowing you to charge employees for their electricity used.

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